Puppy party at your wedding?....yes! Yes! Yes!

When Elle from ProShot Photography mentioned to me that there were going to be puppies at Meg and Guy's wedding I squealed with excitement!

While second shooting for Elle, I got to be in charge of the guest photos when the bridal party went off for their photo session. This meant I was able to stay behind and capture the sweetest moments between these five little puppies and their wedding guests.

What was really awesome was that a local rescue had brought the puppies along as part of their community outreach to find new homes for them. I hear, that after the wedding, one guest loved the experience so much that they went back for a proper meet and greet and ended up adopting one of the puppies! <3

It is such a beautiful way to keep your guests entertained and help out your local rescue at the same time.

I would love to know if you did anything similar for your big day or if you plan to!

Nicole xx