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Nearly every day I'm speaking with my couples and other vendors about weddings, like hours on end kinda chats with your girlfriends and it got me thinking! Why not record some of these conversations and help share the knowledge and experience I have after nearly a decade in the industry? This is where 'Your Marriage Awaits' was born. A fun, relaxed, and sometimes crass podcast about planning the biggest day of your lives as a couple. We discuss everything from sentimental ways to include family and friends on your big day to the horror stories from real weddings and how to avoid making the same mistakes!

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I want to hear from vendors who are passionate about what they do in the wedding space and beyond as well as real couples who have gotten married and want to share their stories and inspire others.

If this sounds like you please pop your details in the form below and tell me a little bit about yourself. Be sure to include why you think our listeners would love to hear from you. If you immediately thought of someone who NEEDS to be on the pod send them this form - we want to hear from a diverse range of people so the more the merrier.

Ps. The more information you share with me in the message box the better. I want to know everything - especially the juicy stories so get going and I'll be in touch soon!

Tell me all about you! Ps. You can paste links to your website, wedding blogs, photos etc. in the message box. The more information = a better chance of being featured on the podcast.

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I started the Your Marriage Awaits Podcast Facebook Group so that all the listeners who join, can support each other, share their knowledge, and form a community. It is my dream that this will be a safe place for all to connect, meet up online or in person, and share in the joy that is wedding planning.

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