Here are 5 things you need to know when planning your child's christening photos

Your child only gets christened once so I'm on a mission to make it the best day EVER for your proud family!

Firstly, congratulations! You are probably reading this because you googled something like -

"How to prepare for my child's christening?"

"Where do I start planning my daughter's baptism?"


"What do I pack in the christening box?"

Trust me, we have all been there - so thank google for sending you here and continue to read on to see how these five small things will allow your family to have a stress-free and relaxed day and deliver beautiful christening photos that will be treasured for generations to come.

a mother getting her son dressed for his christening in a white bedroom
a dad holds his son before his christening
a mum and dad help a baby get dressed and mum holds our an Armani belt to the baby

Getting ready christening photos at home - the location

1. White, white, white!

Choose a bedroom with lots of natural light and get out your white bedding, throws, duvets, and pillows! Nothing says crisp fresh imagery like your little one getting dressed in their special outfit or gown while on a pillow of clouds. The neutral and white palette allows me to play with light and create beautiful images for you to adore for years to come!

christening towel with name Emilio embroidered in grey thread
christening box example with things you need to pack
christening necklace gold cross in brown box
christening outfit hanging on a name hanger
christening shoes.
christening outfit with hat and shoes laying on the bed
religious plaque for christening
christening box with details inside to photograph sitting in a bed

Getting ready christening photos at home - the details

2. Have all your details ready to photograph

Here's a quick list to check the night before your child's christening:

  1. Towel
  2. Flannel or washcloth
  3. Oil
  4. Socks
  5. Singlet
  6. Nappy + Supplies
  7. White sheet for the changing table
  8. Necklace
  9. Shoes
  10. Ceremony Outfit/Gown
  11. Donation for the Church

Choose a colour palette ... and use it everywhere!

3. Look to your venue for inspiration and pull from natural colours in your environment

As you will have seen in the video above Aleksandar's Christening photos at Quay Restaurant were radiant with blues, oranges, and whites. This harbourside venue is known for its delectable seafood offerings so this colour combination sat perfectly in the space and wasn't competing with its surroundings. This colour palette was then used for all the stationery and signage for the event making it a delight to photograph.

*If you are unsure what colour scheme would suit your venue use Instagram to search the venue and take inspiration from what others have done before you or engage with a stylist to bring your dreams to life!

godparents hold their godchild on their christening day

Allowing additional time

4.Additional Time + Travel between venues

Now, this might sound silly but it's soooo important to remember to account for travel time on the day. I don't need to tell you about Auckland traffic and parking situations but just imagine this - all of your guests will be arriving at the ceremony location before you, leaving slim pickings when it comes to parking for you and me.

My top tip is to request a car space, on-site if possible, for both you and the photographer to use when arriving. A simple cone setup or planning in advance will save you precious time on the day when you may be running late.

Extra time on the day also means I am able to get to know your family better and this means capturing more intimate moments between them - everybody loves a good candid and this doesn't happen when people are rushed and stressed.

baby being baptised with water and crying
mum in pink dress smiles at daughter who is about to be baptised in the church
grandma, mum and dad smiles as baby in christening gown smiles at the camera

Relax and Enjoy Yourself! I Will Direct You

5. Take time to sit back and enjoy the day

I have a relaxed, more candid style of photography. I enjoy capturing the special moments between families, which are most likely the expressions that you see most in one another every day. You will find me talking to you and your family a lot, with special attention in engaging your child/ren in the moment. However, when the time comes for some family portraits I'll easily direct your family and friends into some formal poses for the perfect photo to hang on the wall! There is no need to make a list of 'must-have' shots as after speaking to you and finding out what is important I will document these things.

baby girl christening photos white bed
christening photos of baby girl on bed

BONUS! Products made with you in mind

I've chosen products that are made for little hands to love

After your photo session has been and gone you will be sent an online link to download your favourite images from the session. If you love and want to purchase more we can arrange an ordering session where you choose your favourite images and how to display them in your home. When choosing my professional print lab and suppliers I had families like yours in mind. You can also shop online and send the link to other family members to shop too.

All of my framed prints are completed with UV-treated acrylic (not framers glass) as the safest option for not only your kids (if the frame was ever to be dropped or fall off the wall!) but for your art too. With the UV filter, your art is protected from the sun's harsh rays which fade and damage prints.

My family album is designed for little fingers to explore, with its durable covers, thick pages, and top-of-the-line printing your little one will be able to flick through your family heirloom at any time without you having to worry about ripped pages or fingerprints being left behind on the pages.

The most popular product with christenings and baptisms is my acrylic story boxes with 25 matted images ready to frame. The families normally gift the images to the Godparents, grandparents, and other family and use the box as a special keepsake for all the cards, the candle, and important momentos from the day.

acrylic story box with lid open showing a matted print of a mum and two sons
NPP memory album in forest green linen with gold embossed logo book shows thick pages