Manly Family Beach Photos

When Jane and I started to plan her family's session we spoke about what these images would mean to her and her family. As a blended family, it was important to Jane and Anthony that the girls knew how important they are to them and that they had images on their walls they could look at every day to be reminded of how much they are loved.

Jane mentioned that they had a golden labrador - Bailey - and asked if she could join us on the shoot I couldn't have said 'YES!' any faster.

In the lead up to the shoot, we were discussing outfits and Jane brought out a beautiful blue dress with white flowers on it and told me how it was her favourite dress that her daughter owns. She was hopeful that she would still fit the dress when the time for the shoot came as at two she is growing so quickly!

On the shoot day, we meet at Balmoral Reserve at Manly Beach, this was my first time meeting Anthony and the girls and we spent the first few minutes getting to know each other as we walked to the secluded end of the beach on a glorious Wednesday evening.

As the girls warmed up to me we started to take some photos and as with all my family sessions we started with very organic and unposed shots to allow everyone to feel comfortable and settle in. It didn't take long for the Hutchinsons to feel confident in front of the camera and in no time we were running around in the ocean and exploring the rock pools.

A well-deserved snack break meant time for an outfit change and as the slow dipped below the horizon we reveled in the gorgeous purple skies.

It was such an honour to capture their growing family and now that their son is here I am looking forward to our future sessions together to add to their wall art gallery.



Hutchinson Family Queensberry Album