Keep the kids busy for 30+ Minutes!

If you are anything like me you've probably exhausted all of the activities you had planned for the holidays in the first few days.

I'm here to help! I have come up with indoor and outdoor photo hunt lists suitable for school-aged kids to keep busy while at home. The idea is that the kids take the list (screenshot!) and a camera, iPad, or phone camera and hunt for the items on the list. Once they have found them all you can use a free app like Canva, Photo Joiner, or BeFunky to make a collage of all the images.

Put a twist on the photo hunt by:

  • Timing them - encouraging them to beat their own score on the second list
  • Working in teams
  • Parents vs Kids
  • Practice their handwriting by writing the list out on their own notepad/ or dictating to Siri notes

Be sure to tag me on Instagram @nicolepatonphotography, with the final collage for a wee surprise in your DMs!


Nicole xx

Indoor Photo Hunt

Outdoor Photo Hunt

Good luck and have fun!