Kirany and I completed our studies together at the University of Auckland and I'm so excited to share her achievement you all! Kirany married her husband Andy back home in Utah and then jumped on a plane to spend the next two years living in New Zealand working towards her Masters Degree in Speech Language Therapy. While here Kirany and Andy explored NZ, had family come visit and we were lucky enough to live down the road from them for quite some time. Over dinner at my home one night we spoke about commemorating her time in NZ with a graduation shoot. It was too last minute to rent a gown but a member of her church had a sore cap on hand and it was all we needed. We started at Mission Bay beach, popular for it's ice cream and view of the islands off the coast. We then went up to Sir Michael Joesph Savage Memorial Garden and finally we explored down town in Silo Park and then for the final half of her session.

I loved the variation of locations for this shoot and it was great to be able to share with her family back home who weren't there to celebrate with her!

Enjoy x