Mothers Day GiveAway winners- The norton family

Terri was nominated for our mothers day competition recognising hard working mums who go above and beyond for their families. Terri works as a district nurse who worked endless hours during the COVID pandemic, and still does, serving her local community and acing motherhood at the same time.

She truly deserved her day of pampering including hair by Chantelle Woodward Hair and Make up by Rachel Mackwood of Mackwood Beauty.

To my delight I opened up the sweetest email from Terri after delivery of her images - "OMG, I have tears in my eyes, these are absolutely beautiful, I swear I have not seen a smile on Matt face that big, since he was looking at our wedding photos!! We only had a glance, but they are super amazing and made us laugh smile and cry all at the same time!!! Again Nicole you are an absolute amazeballs photographer!!"

Since our shoot together their beloved dog Max flew over the rainbow bridge, I am so pleased to have been able to capture them as a family one last time.

family laughing holding hand and walking towards the camera
black and white image of brothers laughing
dad scruffing up two sons hair while hugging
dad dangling son in the air from his leg at the beach
mum and dad walking and smiale towards the camera
brothers sitting on a tree branch siling at the camera at a beach location
dad hugging his two sons
family bumping into each other while walking at the beach
family of four walking along a raised pipe at the beach
family photo at the beach with to young boys and their dog
family photos at the beach with dog max
family photo pose huddling
mum and dad hug and look at each other
family photos at the beach under tree cover
huddle family photo at the beach