Get your IMAGES on the wall!

I couldn't tell you how many times I have walked into a person's home and they have frames or canvases leaning against the wall that they have been meaning to hang FOREVER! Trust me.... I was one of them once too! It wasn't until I realised that this was a common problem for my clients that I decided to do something about it and provide an effortless option to you!

If you don't have the time to go to bunnings for the hooks and tools to hang your own frames, and leveling it sounds like a nightmare and a fight with your partner waiting to happen, have no fear! All frame and wall art collections purchased during your reveal session qualify you for the VIP treatment from the team at Well Hung, the Sydney hanging specialists.

There are options for renters with semi-permanent solutions including 3M 'sticky' application or repair service where the team comes back and patches up the holes before your move-out inspection. For those of you living in your own home, the permanent hanging solution is perfect!

I can personally testify to the team's eye for detail and professionalism. I recently had my signature 'Impact Grow With Me Collection' hung by Joel at Well Hung. For Jon and I's five-year wedding anniversary present, we choose to have images from Jon's proposal, my graduation, our wedding, and our trash the dress shoot displayed in our home to remind us of our love for each other every day. Because we are currently renting we opted for the semi-permanent installation.

By choosing to add installation at the time of your purchase I can guarantee that the stress of organising this to be done will be nonexistent and it will be so worth it when you see your images proudly displayed in your home.

Check out the timelapse video below (watch in 1080p) to see Joel in action!

01 / 08