What to wear - Style Guide

I can not wait to photograph you! In order to make the most out of your images and location, we need to talk about the outfits!


Planning a cohesive look that is going to stand the test of time can be stressful, to make it a little easier I have put together a guide for you to follow.

The goal of this guide is for you to visualise complimentary textures, colours and patterns that will suit your on location shoot. One big question I like to ask my couples is "what does your house decor look like?". Now you're probably thinking why is she asking questions like she's an interior designer? The answer - When it comes to choosing your images to hang on your wall do they compliment their surroundings or are you regretting wearing bright colours which don't match your earthy toned interior.

Ditch the blue jeans and white shirt idea and start to think about complimentary tones. With neutral colours your images will be timeless and nobody's outfit will stand out in the group. If by the end of this post you're still unsure about what to wear email me with some photos of your options all laid out on the floor (PS. I did this the other day with a family in Country Road and even the staff were intrigued) and I'll help guide you as to what combination will suit the location best.

Flat lay images sourced from thewearablewardrobe.com


We will choose colours that complement the surroundings, like aqua, turquoise, navy, seafoam green, and sea glass as they always photograph well and work with nearly all skin tones. There is something classic about the family of blue colours and you'll see in the below images of the Hutchinson family that we choose two different outfits highlighting the blues, whites and greens and pulling in a pop of colours with mums top.


COMFORT IS KEY! Yes, mum's I hear you! When choosing your maternity outfits think about how comfortable you are going to be. Not only choosing the correct sizing but also choosing a style that you know and love. When it comes to colours neutral is always a fave BUT don't be afraid to push the limits with this session. When planning with Jamile (photographed below) she mentioned that she wanted to have a dress that stood out, we eventually landed on a gorgeous rust orange dress that looked incredible!!! Nathan wore some green shorts with a tan t-shirt which complimented Jamile perfectly and most importantly they were both comfy!

some inspiration from My Gorgeous Clients

Photo shoot checklist

I hope you are feeling inspired

to create your own curated look for the shoot. I'm here to make this as stressfree as possible so reach out if you need a hand. Nicole's top tips:

  • Avoid characters or text/logos on clothing
  • Make sure you wear the outfit before the shoot and feel like yourself!

I've put together a wee check list of things to do before your shoot so that you are well prepared to make the most out of our time together.

One month out

Confirm your location with me and pick your colour palette to suit. Blues and pinks compliment the beach whereas dark greens and rich maroons look stunning in a forest setting. Ps. If we are headed to the beach bring a change of clothes (you might want to jump into the sea!) and don't bother with shoes. Purchase or gather your clothing, shoes and accessories and book your hair and make up appointment. I have some wonderful vendor colleagues so if you don't have a glam squad in mind you can borrow mine!

two weeks out

Now its time for the dress rehearsal!

Try on clothing, make sure everything still fits, kids are notorious for growing at the speed of light! Exchange pieces as needed.

Choose your hair and makeup style; stick with familiar styles you're confident in so that you're not questioning your choices during the shoot. Now is also a good time to pack your go bag and include snacks and water, wet wipes, tissues, and possibly a change of clothing for small children and babies.

Day before and Day of

One day before iron and lint roll all clothing and lay out your clothing, accessories and shoes so you're ready to go. Don't forget to put your go bag in the car. On the day of make sure everyone is well rested & wide awake after nap time.

Dress at the last moment possible (especially those prone to messes!).

Make sure to empty pockets of wallets, keys, & phones. Clean noses & mouths, make sure zippers & undergarments are hidden and most importantly have fun!

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